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Belated Springtime Posting

My life no longer allows much time for blogging, although I still enjoy reading works by others. Building up the new business keeps me busy in such a way that I can get to lunchtime before realizing that I haven’t … Continue reading

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These Interesting Times

Lately I have been affected by a certain variety of writer’s block. It goes like this: I get an idea, find a few nice pictures, write up a few paragraphs to go with the pictures, and then read about the … Continue reading

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Just Letting You Know, Austria

The US presidential election and its, um, aftermath has an Austrian connection. The president-elect has named one Betsy De Vos as Secretary of Education. Ms. De Vos, not a friend of public education, incidentally, has a brother named Erik Prince. … Continue reading

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From the Translation Desk*: Sütterlin

There are many subjects I avoid if I can. Most technical texts, for example, or medical ones. There are also certain types of formats I avoid, like excel files (they just don’t come up right on my little Mac screen). … Continue reading

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Reserving the Right to Change My Mind

Does anybody still read this blog? Six somewhat positively turbulent  months have gone by while I’ve taken the time to figure out where I’m headed and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I took on … Continue reading

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Images Collected from Here and There

That acronym means “ace” in German, so it’s perfectly normal in a German-speaking country. It still brings out the smirking adolescent in this American, however.

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Happy New Year

Ah, and what a New Year it has turned out to be. I may have mentioned that I had been doing more translation work during the fall. Well, all that hard work is beginning to pay off,  and so it’s … Continue reading

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Blogging goes on summer hiatus until something bloggable presents itself. In the meantime, here are our new neighbors.

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Frohes Fest

I wish you all safe travels over this holiday week.

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Götzens, Pfarrkirche Hl. Peter und Paul

A few years ago I came across a booklet with brief biographies of four local priests who had resisted the Nazis and were killed for it. While planning my recent visit to Axams, I realized that I would be very … Continue reading

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