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We’ve moved!

I managed to migrate the entire contents of this blog over to my new website, Licus Translation. My new posts (coming at a somewhat glacial speed lately, I admit) will be published there. Granted, it’s not as sunny and cheerful … Continue reading

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This blog is moving!

Hopefully soon – as soon as I figure out what I am doing. I’ve created a new WordPress blog/website with the name Licus Translations (not yet public as of this writing). After I’ve got everything successfully migrated to the new … Continue reading

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In Via: Milestone, Via Claudia Augusta

It’s not an original, of course, but a replica, with historical information written in German. This milestone is placed next to the route of the Via Claudia Augusta, here an unassuming gravel road, where it crosses Bahnhofstrasse near Leeder, west … Continue reading

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In Via: The Keltenschanze near Utting

Having read Zeitspringer’s recent post (in German) about the earthworks in Holzhausen near Fürstenfeldbruck, I felt inspired to tell him (and you) about a patch of farm country that has become one of our regular walking routes. It’s got beautiful … Continue reading

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The Antiquarian Life: Frau K

It is time to write about Frau König. (Kindly note that all names and places have been changed) Several years ago my husband, a bookseller, got a telephone call from an elderly woman who lived in a nearby town. She … Continue reading

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Discovering Curt Bois

We happened to be surfing around TV stations this evening and stumbled over a 1980s comedy series called Kir Royale, which had been filmed in Munich. Tonight’s episode was “Adieu Claire”, about a fictitious famous composer named Friedrich Danziger, very … Continue reading

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From the Translation Desk*: Sütterlin

There are many subjects I avoid if I can. Most technical texts, for example, or medical ones. There are also certain types of formats I avoid, like excel files (they just don’t come up right on my little Mac screen). … Continue reading

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Götzens, Pfarrkirche Hl. Peter und Paul

A few years ago I came across a booklet with brief biographies of four local priests who had resisted the Nazis and were killed for it. While planning my recent visit to Axams, I realized that I would be very … Continue reading

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Forgotten Innsbruck: The Irrwurzel

Fellow-blogger Paschberg has posted the following 1966 article from Innsbruck’s local newspaper, about a mysterious root found in certain places  which, should you step on it, will send you wandering through the mountains, completely disoriented. Here is an English translation … Continue reading

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Forgotten Innsbruck: The Lake on the Hungerburg

There were so many excursions I wanted to take once the snows melted, and almost none of them were possible in the end for a variety of reasons. But before I leave for summer vacation I wanted to do this … Continue reading

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