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Another Way To Say “One Way Only”

Continuing with our observation of badly-named vehicles… I swear, is anyone giving serious thought to these names? Advertisements

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By watching, even without hearing anything, it’s clear to me that this little one probably heard its mother calling, once, twice, and the third time it knew it had to hurry home or else!

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Today’s thugs just aren’t what they used to be

Die Strolche waren früher auch besser.

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All uphill again from here

Summer is officially over.

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Better Living Through Marketing

Because nothing says “Not making it home alive” like naming your new camper model “Laika”.

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Just a Little Macabre

Found in the vicinity of the defunct Lechfeld Air Base, between Landsberg and Augsburg, Germany. Upper sign points the way to the base’s shooting range. Lower sign points the way to the war cemetery.

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Oh, Good Grief…

Supermarkets in Germany already have the Christmas Lebkuchen out for sale. The Beau, seeing this, asked the cashier why they still didn’t have any Stollen out, at this late a date. Unfortunately it went right over her head. Update: Four … Continue reading

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Meet The New Oracle

Or one of them, at least. Since Paul the Word-Cup-win-predicting octopus passed on to the Great Ocean In The Sky, there are a few animals (er, their owners) competing for the title. Spiegel Online brings us news of Yvonne, a … Continue reading

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Singers: “What I’m Really Doing”

These things have been making the rounds, albeit mostly for non-performing-arts professions. Here’s a singer version, thanks to Google Images and a friend who knows her way around Photoshop. (I owe you lunch for this!) Here’s another one, from a … Continue reading

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The things you find while “Up-at-3-AM-waiting-for-the-Holundertee-to-take-effect-so-I-might-as-well” internet surfing. Friends on Facebook had posted this recently, and as I began to watch it I thought perhaps this was done by two students sending up a singer friend. However, it turns out … Continue reading

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