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Discovering Curt Bois

We happened to be surfing around TV stations this evening and stumbled over a 1980s comedy series called Kir Royale, which had been filmed in Munich. Tonight’s episode was “Adieu Claire”, about a fictitious famous composer named Friedrich Danziger, very … Continue reading

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Here And There In America: The Pine Forge

This post brings us to another kind of railroad: the Underground Railroad, neither a railroad nor underground, the unofficial “tracks” of which were laid in the early nineteenth century. Dieser Beitrag bringt uns zu einer anderen Art von Eisenbahn: Der … Continue reading

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Here And There In America: Strasburg PA

I’m not actually a train buff in the traditional sense of the term. Then again, when I write that, it brings to mind Nick Hornby, in the Bob Dylan chapter in his book “31 Songs” I’m not a big Dylan … Continue reading

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Those Damn Socialist Roman Roads

Just poking around the internet for information on the Via Raetia (the Roman Road from northern Italy to Augsburg) and exactly where it would have joined the Via Julia (the Roman Road from Salzburg to Augsburg). I found this, and … Continue reading

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Jackson Memorial

In Munich today, we found ourselves in front of this: A perfectly respectable monument of the composer Orlando di Lasso (who died in Munich in 1594) has been re-purposed into a memorial to Michael Jackson, who did not die here, … Continue reading

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A Grave of an Amerikanerin

Hier ruht Marie Zöhrlaut aus Milwaukee, Amerika *20. Nov. 1831 †20.Apr. 1893 (Just in case you need to find out what happened to your great-great-great Aunt Marie, who left the country and was never heard from again…)

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Kulturblogging: Hildegard Knef

When you spend more than a couple of years in another country, you may begin to realize how much the people around you, while possibly being very much like you, grew up on different pop culture. The American entertainment industry … Continue reading

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A Belated Memorial Day Posting

I realized too late that I had this photograph in my computer, and that it would fit nicely for Memorial Day. This plaque is recessed into the wall between Franziskanerplatz and the courtyard behind the Hofkirche. In my 13 years’ … Continue reading

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Hannah and Her Lovers

The site of the long log house today. When Theophilus Gates, the founder of the Battle-Axe religious movement, passed away in 1846, the “indomitable” Hannah Williamson succeeded him as leader among the saints. She was already well-known in “Free Love … Continue reading

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A Surprise In The Kaiserjägermuseum

So, I finally made good on my promise and took my young friend to the still-new Tirol Panorama Museum on Bergisel. It’s connected to the Kaiserjäger Museum, which is dedicated to the Empire’s local militia regiments from the 19th century, … Continue reading

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