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These Interesting Times

Lately I have been affected by a certain variety of writer’s block. It goes like this: I get an idea, find a few nice pictures, write up a few paragraphs to go with the pictures, and then read about the … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2016

I can only look back at 2016 along two different tracks, as it were. One involves my personal situation, and turned out quite positive. I finally, officially, disconnected myself from the Republic of Austria early in the year and got … Continue reading

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What Bravery Looks Like

More power to you, Mo Asumang. Those neo-nazis, shown at the beginning of this video, were clearly too terrified to speak with you.

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Euro-exotica, or The Reason I Don’t Read Expat Lit

In the recent New Yorker article Northern Lights: Do Scandinavians Have It All Figured Out?, Nathan Heller describes Michael Booth’s book “The Almost Nearly Perfect People” (Picador) as   “essentially observational; it aspires to a comic genre that might be … Continue reading

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End-Of-Summer-Vacation Links

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old toilet seat at a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall. Now they are looking for the loo over which it sat, hoping that the Roman soldiers may have accidentally dropped things into it. The Grand Hotel … Continue reading

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Opera Divas Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Here and There In America: Stonewall Jackson Shrine

When one is driving the lesser roads between Fredericksburg and Richmond, Virginia, and comes to a large sign which reads “Stonewall Jackson Shrine, 2 Miles At Next Right”, well, one must make that right turn and pay one’s respects. America … Continue reading

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Here And There In America: The Pine Forge

This post brings us to another kind of railroad: the Underground Railroad, neither a railroad nor underground, the unofficial “tracks” of which were laid in the early nineteenth century. Dieser Beitrag bringt uns zu einer anderen Art von Eisenbahn: Der … Continue reading

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Here And There In America: Strasburg PA

I’m not actually a train buff in the traditional sense of the term. Then again, when I write that, it brings to mind Nick Hornby, in the Bob Dylan chapter in his book “31 Songs” I’m not a big Dylan … Continue reading

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Here And There In America: The Haines Shoe House

There are two towns in southern Pennsylvania, about 25 miles from each other on either side of the Susquehanna River, named Lancaster and York, just like those Plantagenet towns in England. If you should find yourself on the York side … Continue reading

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