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A Idea of Mine

I have a confession to make. Beyond all the other things I am doing right now – singing, translating, assisting in a bookselling business – I have a project in mind for the future. I want to put together a … Continue reading

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A Love Story Told In Books

There may be eight million stories in the naked city; there are at least that many in the antiquarian business, especially if your business involves buying up collections from private estate sales. Through the transactions, through remarks, through the books … Continue reading

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Rooftop Blogging: Final Edition

When I began the blog nearly 8 years ago, I wanted to do some kind of photoblogging that could be done on a regular, perhaps weekly basis with ease. A lot of people were doing “Saturday cat blogging”, which I … Continue reading

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Forgotten Innsbruck: The Irrwurzel

Fellow-blogger Paschberg has posted the following 1966 article from Innsbruck’s local newspaper, about a mysterious root found in certain places  which, should you step on it, will send you wandering through the mountains, completely disoriented. Here is an English translation … Continue reading

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Singer Lore: Help For Swollen Vocal Cords

Inching my way out of this bad cold flu bronchitis, I turned to facebook to ask my professional singer friends for their personal last-ditch remedies when a gig is getting near and the vocal folds are still swollen (and therefor … Continue reading

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Another Way To Say “One Way Only”

Continuing with our observation of badly-named vehicles… I swear, is anyone giving serious thought to these names?

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A Grave of an Amerikanerin

Hier ruht Marie Zöhrlaut aus Milwaukee, Amerika *20. Nov. 1831 †20.Apr. 1893 (Just in case you need to find out what happened to your great-great-great Aunt Marie, who left the country and was never heard from again…)

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Better Living Through Marketing

Because nothing says “Not making it home alive” like naming your new camper model “Laika”.

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Maybe We Can Translate It As “Kakastrophe”

One sees/hears a lot of English words which have been absorbed into the German language. Sometimes, like HD vs Blue Ray, you’ll hear competing German and English terms for certain things (“Computer” seems to have won out over “Rechner”, for … Continue reading

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>Overheard At A Bus Stop

>American tourist, to bus driver: “Can you tell us how to get to the Imperial Gardens?” Austrian bus driver: “Wos?” American tourist: “The Imperial Gardens?” Austrian bus driver: pauses a second, shrugs, “Nah.” American tourist: “OK thank you.” Dear  U.S. … Continue reading

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