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Garden Update

First potato harvest (out of one of two containers). Advertisements

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Rooftop Blogging: June Garden

I have often said that mine is a “Darwinist” garden, in that only the fittest survive out there. Between the sun, the Föhn winds, the occasional bout of hail and the 2 months of neglect (when a neighbor only stops … Continue reading

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Eisheiligen, Adé

Folks in the southwest USA have been getting fires, heat waves, drought. We in Austria are pulling the gloves and scarves back out, and keeping the umbrella by the door.  We just had a visit from the Ice Saints. Die … Continue reading

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Garden Blogging, It’s Almost Spring

Crocuses and tulips both got a jolt from all the sunshine. Tomato plants, from seeds planted in early February. Those in the large pot need to be taken out and put into their own pots soon. It’s nice to have … Continue reading

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The German word Frühjahr is, according to the online dictionaries, a synonym for Frühling, or “spring” (the season). However I sometimes have taken the word to mean “beginning of the year”, and so, with the proximity of the advent of … Continue reading

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I Have Entered A Blog Competition

Expats Blogs, the online aggregate website which last year gave me that pretty silver ribbon over there on the sidebar, is holding a writing competition this year. The topic had to be a Top List, as in, for example, Top 10 … Continue reading

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KZ 3 Apples

It was 80 years ago today that Hitler assumed power in Germany, and there are war documentaries all over the television airwaves. Actually one can almost always find a war documentary somewhere on tv, but they tend to cluster more … Continue reading

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Going Native

I’ve been taking stock of the flora found on the cottage property, learning what are native plants and what are not. This is mixed woodland with acidic soil on a northern slope with some sun and some shade, in southeast … Continue reading

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America: Finds In The Woods

We spent the last week doing some necessary manual, outside work — pruning, clearing brush, spreading mulch, splitting logs — but still found the opportunity for old, forgotten surprises. Above, stones found among discarded bricks and field stones in front … Continue reading

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The last several days have been busy with the balcony garden, but a short visit to the lake made for a nice break from the work. A pair of geese with their goslings in tow. Behind them, Stegen, with two … Continue reading

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