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Singer Lore: Help For Swollen Vocal Cords

Inching my way out of this bad cold flu bronchitis, I turned to facebook to ask my professional singer friends for their personal last-ditch remedies when a gig is getting near and the vocal folds are still swollen (and therefor … Continue reading

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Dangerous Euro-Chocolates.

Ferrero Kinder Überraschung (“Kinder Surprise”) chocolate eggs are, I just recently learned, verboten in the United States. In fact, according to this ORF article (g), border authorities can slap you with a $2,500 fine per chocolate egg (!) if you … Continue reading

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>Western Civilization Owes Its Existence To Middle-Eastern Migrants

>And it all started with a genenetic mutation in humans, allowing for lactose tolerance. It’s a pretty interesting article, here’s the English version.,1518,723310,00.html

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