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Weekend Mountain Rail Blogging

Tyrolean omniscient and Friend of the Blog Paschberg sends a photo of greeting from the Seefelder Sattel, a little pass over the most easily navigable part of the Karwendel Mountains, and known as a point along the alignment of the … Continue reading

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Euro-exotica, or The Reason I Don’t Read Expat Lit

In the recent New Yorker article Northern Lights: Do Scandinavians Have It All Figured Out?, Nathan Heller describes Michael Booth’s book “The Almost Nearly Perfect People” (Picador) as   “essentially observational; it aspires to a comic genre that might be … Continue reading

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And While We’re In The 15th Century…

…it’s only a short jump ahead to the time of Emperor Ferdinand II and Philippine Welser, both of whom figure in the local story of the Roßsprung (“horse jump”). Paschberg has a post up about the story and the now-urban … Continue reading

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An Encounter at a Cemetery

‘Tis the season to blog about, among other things, cemeteries, here at the end of October. This short story was written by Herr Winfried Werner Linde and posted on his blog Zeitzünder last July, and he has kindly given me … Continue reading

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New Feature!

We’re doing a little expansion here — I am happy to announce that some future blogposts here at The Practice Room will be in both English and German, translated either by my blogger colleague Paschberg (who — can I just … Continue reading

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Emma Bovary’s Wanted Poster

Here’s a very weird and interesting place: someone has started a tumblr blog of portraits of characters in literature, by taking all the physically descriptive bits from the books, and using law enforcement composite sketch software to bring them together. … Continue reading

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Bruegel’s “Hunters In The Snow” in the film “Melancholia”

Much has already been written on the artworks featured in Lars von Trier’s new film “Melancholia”. One of them, in fact the first painting you’ll see in the film’s prologue, has a possible local connection and, if so, an interesting … Continue reading

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>Weekend Mountain Blogging: Höttinger Alm

> The Höttinger Alm, 1487 meters above sea level,  opened for the season on Saturday. “Frau Hitt”, looking like a finger pointed in the air. Probably the closest I’ll ever get to it, not being much of an experienced climber. … Continue reading

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>There’s a blog called After The Final Curtain, by photographer Matt Lambros, dedicated to the documentation of old abandoned movie theaters and news of restorations. The photographs are awesome. Closer to home: in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a group of private citizens … Continue reading

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>Interview With Katharine Goeldner

>Kathy Goeldner is a talented and sought-after mezzo-soprano whom I know from my Salzburg days. She’s been interviewed recently, and if you are interested/curious about the business, this is a good read. Especially recommended for young singers.

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