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Happy Easter

Seen on Easter Saturday: Jesus is indeed down off the cross (but just for renovations by the Innsbruck Beautification Association.) Advertisements

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The German word Frühjahr is, according to the online dictionaries, a synonym for Frühling, or “spring” (the season). However I sometimes have taken the word to mean “beginning of the year”, and so, with the proximity of the advent of … Continue reading

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An Encounter at a Cemetery

‘Tis the season to blog about, among other things, cemeteries, here at the end of October. This short story was written by Herr Winfried Werner Linde and posted on his blog Zeitzünder last July, and he has kindly given me … Continue reading

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Kulturblogging: Die Hofkirche

One of Innsbruck’s main attractions for the historically-minded is the Hofkirche, or Imperial Church (but no one calls it that, it’s just always the Hofkirche). As a tourist sight, the plain white exterior is deceiving (I heard it once remarked … Continue reading

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A Belated Memorial Day Posting

I realized too late that I had this photograph in my computer, and that it would fit nicely for Memorial Day. This plaque is recessed into the wall between Franziskanerplatz and the courtyard behind the Hofkirche. In my 13 years’ … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

The Beau just told me about a custom in which he participated once, back home in the Erzgebirge as a youth, that of Fetching the Easter Water (g). He had known of it during his childhood but not much more … Continue reading

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Dangerous Euro-Chocolates.

Ferrero Kinder Überraschung (“Kinder Surprise”) chocolate eggs are, I just recently learned, verboten in the United States. In fact, according to this ORF article (g), border authorities can slap you with a $2,500 fine per chocolate egg (!) if you … Continue reading

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>Es Lebe Der 1. Mai

>  Every May 1st at around noon, the Leftists get out their banners and march through the center of town. They’re peaceful enough, lots of families; the police presence assures no violence (I have never witnessed any myself, not even … Continue reading

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>I had a neighbor, a woman over eighty, whom I met occasionally in the elevator. She liked to complain about the sloppiness of the other neighbors in our building, how they left trash and papers and generally were pigs. I’d … Continue reading

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>It’s Kiachl time again!

>This is a Kiachl, as delicious as it is unpronounceable. This particular Kiachl is filled with Preislbeeren, a kind of cranberry and with a similar taste. It can also be filled with sauerkraut, and I am told this is equally … Continue reading

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