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Looking Back at 2016

I can only look back at 2016 along two different tracks, as it were. One involves my personal situation, and turned out quite positive. I finally, officially, disconnected myself from the Republic of Austria early in the year and got … Continue reading

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Innsbruck, I’m Movin’ Out

My regular readers know that I tend to not to get too personal in my posts, even though the rare times when I do so seem to generate the largest direct responses (on social media, at least). But I need … Continue reading

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Note to self: find more cheerful subjects for blog…

Over two weeks have passed since that Germanwings pilot deliberately crashed Flight 9525 into the French Alps, taking 149 passengers and crew with him. The news cycle is mostly done with the speculation over the pilot’s illness, motives, personality disorder, … Continue reading

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What I have been doing lately

Three blitzschnell appearances and all of two syllables of singing from me in this short video from ATV (the Rosenkavalier segment begins exactly 11 minutes in), alles auf deutsch but enjoy the sets and costumes.  

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On Gratitude and Amazement

This weekend I jumped in for a sick friend, who could not sing a scheduled concert performance of Mozart’s Requiem. I will admit right up front that I wasn’t expecting much in the way of musical fulfillment or anything; the … Continue reading

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The Glamourous Life Revisited

(Bitte scrollen Sie nach unten für die deutsche Fassung) Oh, the life of a performing artist. You want to succeed. You want to give your very best and, when your best isn’t enough, you try to dig deep into yourself … Continue reading

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La Wally

Finally got a copy of this recently, finally watching it today. To be honest, I put it off for a while until I worked up enough nerve to listen to — and watch — myself.  Afra’s a supporting  role but … Continue reading

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Sorry For The Delay

  I have been so wrapped up in my vocal health that I have had nothing about which to write. Boring. Typical singer behavior. Back around April 5, I started feeling a little scratchiness in my throat. By the 10th … Continue reading

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Singer Lore: Help For Swollen Vocal Cords

Inching my way out of this bad cold flu bronchitis, I turned to facebook to ask my professional singer friends for their personal last-ditch remedies when a gig is getting near and the vocal folds are still swollen (and therefor … Continue reading

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Modern Vocal Pedagogy

Nothing like a bad cold a full-blown case of the flu to make a singer feel useless. Well, let’s at least talk about singing then. Eine Erkältung Grippe reicht aus, dass sich Sänger nutzlos fühlen. Nun, dann lasst uns wenigstens … Continue reading

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