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Note to self: find more cheerful subjects for blog…

Over two weeks have passed since that Germanwings pilot deliberately crashed Flight 9525 into the French Alps, taking 149 passengers and crew with him. The news cycle is mostly done with the speculation over the pilot’s illness, motives, personality disorder, … Continue reading

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Singer Lore: Help For Swollen Vocal Cords

Inching my way out of this bad cold flu bronchitis, I turned to facebook to ask my professional singer friends for their personal last-ditch remedies when a gig is getting near and the vocal folds are still swollen (and therefor … Continue reading

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Jackson Memorial

In Munich today, we found ourselves in front of this: A perfectly respectable monument of the composer Orlando di Lasso (who died in Munich in 1594) has been re-purposed into a memorial to Michael Jackson, who did not die here, … Continue reading

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Gallows Songs

OK, time to look ahead. This is happening, next weekend. The Gubaidulina work is one of the coolest — and most vocally demanding — modern chamber music pieces I’ve ever sung. Click here for full roster of performers.

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A Special Grave in the Jewish Cemetery

While I was at the Westfriedhof, scouting out an appropriate bench to photograph and include with the story below, I visited the grave of Yury Shklyar, which I do every once in a while. (I know, it’s weird. I like … Continue reading

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You Have To Hear Yourself With The Ears Of Your Enemies.

(Photo from ) Even if you have never heard of the German soprano Edda Moser (and that’s OK;  I don’t really keep track of sopranos myself, and I’m in the business), if you are a singer you really should … Continue reading

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Kulturblogging: Hildegard Knef

When you spend more than a couple of years in another country, you may begin to realize how much the people around you, while possibly being very much like you, grew up on different pop culture. The American entertainment industry … Continue reading

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Poetry Blogging: Ilse Weber

“After Auschwitz, writing poetry is no longer possible.” — Theodor Adorno “The truth is, Adorno couldn’t write poetry before Auschwitz either.” — journalist and publicist Johannes Gross. I am paraphrasing the Adorno quote somewhat for clarity. In fact, the word-for-word … Continue reading

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Arts News: Bad and Worse

An individual sells a French violin online for $2,500 (not a large sum for a violin, actually.) The buyer claims some dispute about the instrument’s label. PayPal does have a policy about disputed labels, but they mean the kind found … Continue reading

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>Interview With Katharine Goeldner

>Kathy Goeldner is a talented and sought-after mezzo-soprano whom I know from my Salzburg days. She’s been interviewed recently, and if you are interested/curious about the business, this is a good read. Especially recommended for young singers.

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