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KZ 3 Apples

It was 80 years ago today that Hitler assumed power in Germany, and there are war documentaries all over the television airwaves. Actually one can almost always find a war documentary somewhere on tv, but they tend to cluster more … Continue reading

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Here And There In America, Part 4

Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, as seen from the eastern rim overlook. Along the left side of the creek is the popular Pine Creek Rail Trail, which follows the old dismantled rail line from Wellsboro … Continue reading

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>Beer You Won’t See Stateside

>The Beer That Dare Not Speak Its Name — at least, if it ever gets imported to the US. This news is from a month ago, but I’d missed it. A couple of German marketing executives have won the right … Continue reading

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>It’s Kiachl time again!

>This is a Kiachl, as delicious as it is unpronounceable. This particular Kiachl is filled with Preislbeeren, a kind of cranberry and with a similar taste. It can also be filled with sauerkraut, and I am told this is equally … Continue reading

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>Holiday Baking: Black Cake

> Several years ago I was introduced to the excellent book Home Cooking by the late Laurie Colwin, in which she spoke about several experiences in her life involving food and cooking, and included the recipes for each dish. While … Continue reading

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>Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Jumped Out Of A Cake?

> I had just sung closing night of “Le nozze di Figaro” (playing who else?), on Mozart’s 250th birthday. There was a special party in the theater’s foyer after the performance, with actors, singers and dancers taking part. My special … Continue reading

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>Last week we took a little excursion through the Bavarian lake region. First stop was lunch, in the Biergarten of a very nice cloister, where the specialty is Schweinhaxe (pork knuckle) and Knödel. We had a great view of the … Continue reading

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