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Gounod “Funeral March of a Marionette”

I haven’t vanished in an alpine crevasse, I’ve simply been busy singing! The business has been part rehearsals, part teaching, and part working on some things for the future. The rehearsals have led me to a small musical discovery, in … Continue reading

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Euro-exotica, or The Reason I Don’t Read Expat Lit

In the recent New Yorker article Northern Lights: Do Scandinavians Have It All Figured Out?, Nathan Heller describes Michael Booth’s book “The Almost Nearly Perfect People” (Picador) as   “essentially observational; it aspires to a comic genre that might be … Continue reading

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“Nazis Charge From Every Orifice” / Nazis, bis es einem aus den Ohren staubt

Simon Jenkins at The Guardian writes an apology to Germany for the imminent “orgy of recalled hatred” already being celebrated in the English media, as the World War I anniversaries loom.   Simon Jenkins schreibt im Guardian eine Entschuldigung an … Continue reading

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Innsbruck, Dürer and “Ern Malley”

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, hier findet ihr Information über diese Geschichte. This is a postcard that was found in an old book, having been used as a bookmark by a previous reader. It’s Albrecht Dürer’s Hof der Burg zu Innsbruck … Continue reading

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Probably from a Wannabe Conductor / Wahrscheinlich von einem Möchtegerndirigent

Newspaper clipping found in the season program for the 1936 Salzburger Festspiel.  Scroll down for translation. Zeitungsausschnitt, in einem 1936 Exemplar “Salzburger Festspiele – Offizielle Führer” gefunden. “Die Primadonna” “Toscanini gehört auch zu denen, die sich nicht damit abfinden können, … Continue reading

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Remembering the Pogrom 1938

Deutschsprachige Leser kann mehr hier lesen. In light of reports like here and here, one might start to think that Europe is going under any day. Reading beyond the headlines, one learns [t]he trend in Europe does not signal the … Continue reading

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Just in time for Halloween!

I have found the Holy Grail of YouTube videos: the Six Studies for String Quartet by Theodor Adorno (he studied composition with Alban Berg! Schönberg didn’t like him, though), each movement being given its own creepy little German Expressionist film. … Continue reading

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Maybe We Can Translate It As “Kakastrophe”

One sees/hears a lot of English words which have been absorbed into the German language. Sometimes, like HD vs Blue Ray, you’ll hear competing German and English terms for certain things (“Computer” seems to have won out over “Rechner”, for … Continue reading

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Femme Fatale

In 2011, a tenant in a Vienna, Austria apartment building was preparing for some remodeling work, and broke into a cellar partition which seemed to have belonged to nobody in the building. He found containers — iceboxes, flower pots, mortar … Continue reading

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“Leaving, for me, is the equivalent of desertion.”*

One of the best of the good things about German-language television (there are bad things as well) is the arte channel, a French-German cooperative channel which is heavy on culture, literature, the arts, education. Late last night I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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