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Weekend Mountain Blogging: Mittenwald, Scharnitz, Seefeld

I needed to go to Mittenwald because of something I’d promised to do, and since I had the day free it seemed like a good idea to get some hiking in along with some sights. As there’s only so much … Continue reading

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End-Of-Summer-Vacation Links

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old toilet seat at a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall. Now they are looking for the loo over which it sat, hoping that the Roman soldiers may have accidentally dropped things into it. The Grand Hotel … Continue reading

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Forgotten Innsbruck: The Irrwurzel

Fellow-blogger Paschberg has posted the following 1966 article from Innsbruck’s local newspaper, about a mysterious root found in certain places  which, should you step on it, will send you wandering through the mountains, completely disoriented. Here is an English translation … Continue reading

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Rooftop Blogging: June Garden

I have often said that mine is a “Darwinist” garden, in that only the fittest survive out there. Between the sun, the Föhn winds, the occasional bout of hail and the 2 months of neglect (when a neighbor only stops … Continue reading

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Those Damn Socialist Roman Roads

Just poking around the internet for information on the Via Raetia (the Roman Road from northern Italy to Augsburg) and exactly where it would have joined the Via Julia (the Roman Road from Salzburg to Augsburg). I found this, and … Continue reading

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Eisheiligen, Adé

Folks in the southwest USA have been getting fires, heat waves, drought. We in Austria are pulling the gloves and scarves back out, and keeping the umbrella by the door.  We just had a visit from the Ice Saints. Die … Continue reading

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Just Because

Yes Ms. Ellroon, there are bears — safely kept across the valley in the Alpenzoo. But if one should escape and head for the Paschberg, it might not know what to make of the #6 tram… Ja Frau Ellroon, es … Continue reading

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The German word Frühjahr is, according to the online dictionaries, a synonym for Frühling, or “spring” (the season). However I sometimes have taken the word to mean “beginning of the year”, and so, with the proximity of the advent of … Continue reading

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I Have Entered A Blog Competition

Expats Blogs, the online aggregate website which last year gave me that pretty silver ribbon over there on the sidebar, is holding a writing competition this year. The topic had to be a Top List, as in, for example, Top 10 … Continue reading

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Bicycle Repair Station / Rad Servicestation

I’d read about the new self-service repair station for cyclists (g) on the Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer, and also some good feedback (g) for it. But I’d missed an additional station having been erected in front of Sillpark (g). /  Schon eine kurze … Continue reading

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