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Gounod “Funeral March of a Marionette”

I haven’t vanished in an alpine crevasse, I’ve simply been busy singing! The business has been part rehearsals, part teaching, and part working on some things for the future. The rehearsals have led me to a small musical discovery, in … Continue reading

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Note to self: find more cheerful subjects for blog…

Over two weeks have passed since that Germanwings pilot deliberately crashed Flight 9525 into the French Alps, taking 149 passengers and crew with him. The news cycle is mostly done with the speculation over the pilot’s illness, motives, personality disorder, … Continue reading

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A Special Grave in the Jewish Cemetery

While I was at the Westfriedhof, scouting out an appropriate bench to photograph and include with the story below, I visited the grave of Yury Shklyar, which I do every once in a while. (I know, it’s weird. I like … Continue reading

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You Have To Hear Yourself With The Ears Of Your Enemies.

(Photo from ) Even if you have never heard of the German soprano Edda Moser (and that’s OK;  I don’t really keep track of sopranos myself, and I’m in the business), if you are a singer you really should … Continue reading

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Arts News: Bad and Worse

An individual sells a French violin online for $2,500 (not a large sum for a violin, actually.) The buyer claims some dispute about the instrument’s label. PayPal does have a policy about disputed labels, but they mean the kind found … Continue reading

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>Interview With Katharine Goeldner

>Kathy Goeldner is a talented and sought-after mezzo-soprano whom I know from my Salzburg days. She’s been interviewed recently, and if you are interested/curious about the business, this is a good read. Especially recommended for young singers.

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>Die Ahnen

>On the left is my maternal great-grandmother, who died of illness when my grandmother was still a young girl. Next to her is her own mother, and her father is in the back, sitting against the wall. The parents were … Continue reading

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>At Least It Matches The Interior

> The Vienna State Opera has a new fire curtain, with artwork by Cy Twombly. Eh, I am not a Cy Twombly fan, but OK. As fire curtain art, maybe it works. As an aside, in German one uses the … Continue reading

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>Affäre Osterfestspiele

>At the end of the week, the Austrian news outlets reported that eight people have been formally accused in the criminal activities over at the Salzburg Easter Festival: former director Michael Dewitte and former technical director Klaus Kretschmer, both abruptly … Continue reading

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>Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Jumped Out Of A Cake?

> I had just sung closing night of “Le nozze di Figaro” (playing who else?), on Mozart’s 250th birthday. There was a special party in the theater’s foyer after the performance, with actors, singers and dancers taking part. My special … Continue reading

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