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The First Hours of the War of 1914

(The following is a chapter from Die Welt von gestern, or The World Of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig. It captures perfectly, even in translation — not mine, except for some minor changes — the feel of that time, that evening, … Continue reading

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Probably from a Wannabe Conductor / Wahrscheinlich von einem Möchtegerndirigent

Newspaper clipping found in the season program for the 1936 Salzburger Festspiel.  Scroll down for translation. Zeitungsausschnitt, in einem 1936 Exemplar “Salzburger Festspiele – Offizielle Führer” gefunden. “Die Primadonna” “Toscanini gehört auch zu denen, die sich nicht damit abfinden können, … Continue reading

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Here And There In America, Part 2

The Pez collection in the entryway to the Paper Moon Diner, Baltimore, Maryland. The interior is even funkier, a colorful mishmash of old toys, mannequins and found objects which make the entire establishment a living work of art. Baltimore again. … Continue reading

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> A recent blogpost elswhere about “Krautrock” (classic rock music from Germany) got me thinking about a post I had wanted a certain music critic friend to write. He never got around to it so I guess I’ll have to … Continue reading

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>Hilde Zach 1942-2011

> The former mayor of Innsbruck was a special kind of politician. First, she loved Innsbruck (it was said that the city was her “only child”). In her eight years in office, I never heard a single bad word said … Continue reading

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>Fun With The Language

>New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich writes about Sarah Palin this week, and in doing so has coined the perfect word to describe her new reality show, and in turn the perfect word to describe the image she presents … Continue reading

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>The Other September 11th.

>I caught this poem in a film clip at the end of Patrizio Guzman’s documentary “Salvador Allende”, read aloud by its author, Gonzalo Millán. I couldn’t find an English translation of it online, so you’ll just have to accept mine. … Continue reading

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>Do you know that the name Prussia goes much further back than the northern German kingdom with which we mostly associate the name? Prussia was a group of tribes in the Baltics, and the Prussian language (now dead) was related … Continue reading

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>Munich History: Hans and Sophie Scholl, Kurt Eisner

>If you don’t know the brief, sad yet courageous story of the Scholl siblings, Sophie and Hans, then go directly to the Sophie Scholl entry in wikipedia before you continue. In all honesty, it’s not clear to me why she … Continue reading

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>Up In The Border Guard Tower

>On the way back from Freiberg, we took a detour off the Autobahn and went hunting for the old East-West border, which is now just a state line again. We knew there were still guard towers standing, we could see … Continue reading

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