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Looking Back at 2016

I can only look back at 2016 along two different tracks, as it were. One involves my personal situation, and turned out quite positive. I finally, officially, disconnected myself from the Republic of Austria early in the year and got … Continue reading

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The First Hours of the War of 1914

(The following is a chapter from Die Welt von gestern, or The World Of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig. It captures perfectly, even in translation — not mine, except for some minor changes — the feel of that time, that evening, … Continue reading

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I Have Entered A Blog Competition

Expats Blogs, the online aggregate website which last year gave me that pretty silver ribbon over there on the sidebar, is holding a writing competition this year. The topic had to be a Top List, as in, for example, Top 10 … Continue reading

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Probably from a Wannabe Conductor / Wahrscheinlich von einem Möchtegerndirigent

Newspaper clipping found in the season program for the 1936 Salzburger Festspiel.  Scroll down for translation. Zeitungsausschnitt, in einem 1936 Exemplar “Salzburger Festspiele – Offizielle Führer” gefunden. “Die Primadonna” “Toscanini gehört auch zu denen, die sich nicht damit abfinden können, … Continue reading

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Papers, please.

As my Aufenthaltsbewilligung expires in a few weeks, today was get-your-Austrian-residence-permit-renewed-day. This morning I headed off to the Visa Amt with my papers — application, contract from the theater, work permit (Beschäftigungsbewilligung), passport — and promptly hit a snag. My … Continue reading

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Syria, Climate Change, Instability, Revolution

This paper by William Polk, in The Atlantic, is enlightening. I have taken this long excerpt from it (the same as Digby has) because I feel it is something extremely important to know, and if you don’t read the whole … Continue reading

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The title above means referendum, and Austria just held one yesterday (Austria very sensibly holds it’s voting events on Sundays), to determine public opinion on whether to keep mandatory military service for young Austrian men, or to switch over to … Continue reading

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Benefits in the EU Countries. You Should Be Getting Them Too.

Update: it has come to my attention that this Kos Diary has been deleted, I don’t know why. In any case I am leaving this post up for the quote below, which is all that’s let of it today. (And … Continue reading

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A Few Eurolinks

to take your minds off the election. The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the “godless, socialist, about-to-sink-into-anarchy-any-day-now” European Union. As the announcement was made, Greece declared all-out war on Germany over the prize money. Andrew at German … Continue reading

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The End Of Not Only “Bibo”*

“First of all, I will eliminate all programs based on this test, if they don’t pass it – Is the program so critical it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it. And if not, I’ll get rid of … Continue reading

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