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Gounod “Funeral March of a Marionette”

I haven’t vanished in an alpine crevasse, I’ve simply been busy singing! The business has been part rehearsals, part teaching, and part working on some things for the future. The rehearsals have led me to a small musical discovery, in … Continue reading

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I Have Found The Chinese James Joyce

and he has been filling my spam folder with his Lebenswerk. Ich habe den chinesischen James Joyce gefunden… und er füllt meinen Spam-Ordner  mit seinem Lebenswerk When I am feeling under the weather or really, really bored, I check the … Continue reading

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Probably from a Wannabe Conductor / Wahrscheinlich von einem Möchtegerndirigent

Newspaper clipping found in the season program for the 1936 Salzburger Festspiel.  Scroll down for translation. Zeitungsausschnitt, in einem 1936 Exemplar “Salzburger Festspiele – Offizielle Führer” gefunden. “Die Primadonna” “Toscanini gehört auch zu denen, die sich nicht damit abfinden können, … Continue reading

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Gallows Songs

OK, time to look ahead. This is happening, next weekend. The Gubaidulina work is one of the coolest — and most vocally demanding — modern chamber music pieces I’ve ever sung. Click here for full roster of performers.

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A Special Grave in the Jewish Cemetery

While I was at the Westfriedhof, scouting out an appropriate bench to photograph and include with the story below, I visited the grave of Yury Shklyar, which I do every once in a while. (I know, it’s weird. I like … Continue reading

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Just in time for Halloween!

I have found the Holy Grail of YouTube videos: the Six Studies for String Quartet by Theodor Adorno (he studied composition with Alban Berg! Schönberg didn’t like him, though), each movement being given its own creepy little German Expressionist film. … Continue reading

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You Have To Hear Yourself With The Ears Of Your Enemies.

(Photo from ) Even if you have never heard of the German soprano Edda Moser (and that’s OK;  I don’t really keep track of sopranos myself, and I’m in the business), if you are a singer you really should … Continue reading

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Kulturblogging: Hildegard Knef

When you spend more than a couple of years in another country, you may begin to realize how much the people around you, while possibly being very much like you, grew up on different pop culture. The American entertainment industry … Continue reading

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Poetry Blogging: Ilse Weber

“After Auschwitz, writing poetry is no longer possible.” — Theodor Adorno “The truth is, Adorno couldn’t write poetry before Auschwitz either.” — journalist and publicist Johannes Gross. I am paraphrasing the Adorno quote somewhat for clarity. In fact, the word-for-word … Continue reading

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Happy 100th, Nana

What sibling drama has just happened here? The little girl on the left is my grandmother, with her older sister Helen and her little brother Frank. Just a few years later, Helen died, and then a baby sister Marie, and … Continue reading

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