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May 5th, 1988

The postcard arrived in his mailbox on the 4th. This was it. It was now happening. The last few years might have been like a dream, but the months leading up to this moment had been like the day of … Continue reading

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Circumitus: Batavis, Boiodurum

(The name actually refers to the bicycle route and is not, apparently, what the Romans called it.) This posting hails from the other side of Bavaria, a “detour” onto the Roman road which follows the Danube and also the boundary … Continue reading

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A Love Story Told In Books

There may be eight million stories in the naked city; there are at least that many in the antiquarian business, especially if your business involves buying up collections from private estate sales. Through the transactions, through remarks, through the books … Continue reading

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In Memory Of A Girl

In memory of Ilse Brüll Born 28 April 1925 Died 3(?) September 1942 and in memory of all those children of Innsbruck who were victims of this time Ilse Brüll, a Jewish girl, attended school here in Wilten from September … Continue reading

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Euro-exotica, or The Reason I Don’t Read Expat Lit

In the recent New Yorker article Northern Lights: Do Scandinavians Have It All Figured Out?, Nathan Heller describes Michael Booth’s book “The Almost Nearly Perfect People” (Picador) as   “essentially observational; it aspires to a comic genre that might be … Continue reading

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Teriolis ≠ Tirol

Continuing in the looking-up-one-thing-and-finding-the-tip-of-the-iceberg vein, I recently began looking into an assumption I had made a while back — that the name Tirol was derived from the Roman fortress Teriolis (from which the village of Zirl takes its name). It … Continue reading

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A Grave of an Amerikanerin

Hier ruht Marie Zöhrlaut aus Milwaukee, Amerika *20. Nov. 1831 †20.Apr. 1893 (Just in case you need to find out what happened to your great-great-great Aunt Marie, who left the country and was never heard from again…)

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Where Is Your Community? / Wo ist Deine Gemeinschaft?

My summer reading included Dmitri Orlov’s Five Stages of Collapse. Orlov argues that certain kinds of communities will fare better in a post-collapse world, and that these are not necessarily the communities we see as successful today. Sure, the Amish, … Continue reading

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New Feature!

We’re doing a little expansion here — I am happy to announce that some future blogposts here at The Practice Room will be in both English and German, translated either by my blogger colleague Paschberg (who — can I just … Continue reading

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Kulturblogging: Hildegard Knef

When you spend more than a couple of years in another country, you may begin to realize how much the people around you, while possibly being very much like you, grew up on different pop culture. The American entertainment industry … Continue reading

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