Weekend Mountain Rail Blogging


The Mittenwaldbahn meets the trail at the Seefelder Sattel. Photo shamelessly purloined from Martin Schönherr.

Tyrolean omniscient and Friend of the Blog Paschberg sends a photo of greeting from the Seefelder Sattel, a little pass over the most easily navigable part of the Karwendel Mountains, and known as a point along the alignment of the Via Raetia. What he may not remember is that I myself have a similar photo, previously posted here, from pretty much the same spot, but looking the other way — the thing is, I had indeed been looking for the Seefelder Sattel, but didn’t realize that I had been standing right on it until now.

In a somewhat related vein: the closed railway line which ran past my recent overnight accommodations in Passau’s Innstadt.
It turns out to be part of the former Passau-Hauzenberg Railway, now used primarily by dog walkers. (The Beau, charmingly sarcastic as ever, suggested that it had probably been left behind by the Romans.)

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  1. paschberg says:

    omniscient – ha – the all seeing trash heap 😉
    I remember your post, but I didn´t identify your picture then as the Seefelder Sattel. It was now the first time I passed it walking (and not sitting in the train).

    Passau-Hauzenberg. Till now I only knew from the rack railway Erlau-Wegscheid, that almost reached the austrian border and was intendend to be connected with the Mühlkreisbahn.

    Promising station name on the way to Hauzenberg: Knödlsöd

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