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R.I.P. Patrick Leigh Fermor

I first came across the name Patrick Leigh Fermor in a biography about Bruce Chatwin; he and Robert Byron were his predecessors and influences in travel literature, and they were so neatly described that I immediately ordered old, out-of-print copies … Continue reading

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>Es Lebe Der 1. Mai

>  Every May 1st at around noon, the Leftists get out their banners and march through the center of town. They’re peaceful enough, lots of families; the police presence assures no violence (I have never witnessed any myself, not even … Continue reading

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>The Face Of Ötzi

> Anybody need a new avatar?* A new special exhibit opens today at the South Tirol Museum of Archaeology, in Bolzano (Italy), in honor of Ötzi’s reemergence out of the ice, 20 years ago. One of the highlights is supposed … Continue reading

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>Hilde Zach 1942-2011

> The former mayor of Innsbruck was a special kind of politician. First, she loved Innsbruck (it was said that the city was her “only child”). In her eight years in office, I never heard a single bad word said … Continue reading

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>More Traces Of The Anschluss

>Creepy news from the region. A field of graves containing the remains of approximately 220 people was discovered in the course of a construction project at the hospital in Hall in Tirol. It is suspected that at least some of … Continue reading

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>Fun With The Language

>New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich writes about Sarah Palin this week, and in doing so has coined the perfect word to describe her new reality show, and in turn the perfect word to describe the image she presents … Continue reading

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>Beer You Won’t See Stateside

>The Beer That Dare Not Speak Its Name — at least, if it ever gets imported to the US. This news is from a month ago, but I’d missed it. A couple of German marketing executives have won the right … Continue reading

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>"A Massacre… Would Have Been More Humane"

>ARD, Germany’s “first” national television station, aired an extraordinary documentary last night about the Armenian Genocide. It mixed rare photos and film footage with “clips” of “interviews” — using well-known German actors portraying contemporary witnesses, their lines from those witnesses’ … Continue reading

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>Death Of A Tormann

>Robert Enke, goalie for Hannover 96 and for the German national team, took his life Monday evening by throwing himself in front of a train. He was 32. Enke, it was revealed, had suffered from depression for years. He had … Continue reading

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>Have You Heard Of Herta Müller?

>Neither had I. She has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature. More significantly, neither had the beau, who is knows a lot about European literature. Wikipedia, in its entry on Müller, says that prior to the award, Müller … Continue reading

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