2017 Round Up

2017 was a year of hard work and progress, and although it did have some very enjoyable moments, I’m really glad we’re moving on.
For the first half of the year, I was constantly traveling to and from a town 2.5 hours away, to sing roles in two shows at the theater there. Sometimes those shows would be held in a town just 1.5 hours away, and then I would drive there and back in the same evening. They were fun, my colleagues were terrific, it was a great experience, and it reinforced just how much of a homebody I really am. Seriously, travel is lovely, just not every week, please.
In the second half of the year I knuckled down on my translation work, got serious about figuring out Microsoft Word (instead of exporting Pages documents into Word and risking formatting errors) and Trados, which I had bought with a small windfall and had never really warmed up to. (Creating and using term bases, for instance. I couldn’t have done it without Jayne Fox’s perfectly clear instructions. Now I use it every week, if not for every job.) I had a lot of work too, and found myself a new, friendly agency and a new direct client.
And then there were the preparations for the ATA certification exam in Washington. It was a busy time – and somehow, I forgot to celebrate the blog’s 10 year anniversary in September. 10 years! Well, maybe we’ll hold off until next September and do a Spinal-Tap-inspired “goes to eleven” celebration.

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