Belated Springtime Posting

My life no longer allows much time for blogging, although I still enjoy reading works by others. Building up the new business keeps me busy in such a way that I can get to lunchtime before realizing that I haven’t even glanced at the news yet.

Spring out here in the country means lots of offspring.


Horses at Achselschwang near the Via Rhaetia



New addition on the farm.


This stork prefers a penthouse flat. Probably has the best views in town.

The storks are a special delight of this area. Here and there one sees buildings where special round platforms have been erected, to give the storks a little assistance when they are looking for a place to build their nests. They enjoy the protected wetlands and fields south of the lake through the summer, and then migrate to South Africa or somewhere. Years ago there was an interesting German documentary about stork migrations which featured an old man from Sachsen-Anhalt and a stork who always returned to his fields in the spring, and whom he’d fondly named “Prinzesschen”. Prinzesschen was outfitted with a  little transmitter so that the documentary team of scientists could follow her on her route (which was full of such hazards as high tension wires and the like). Now, when I see a stork, I always think of Prinzesschen.

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  1. I was truly amazed by the large population of storks around Raisting this year. I think I have never before seen a dozen storks in one area.
    P.S. That lama(?) in the second picture, is that on the little farm near Fischen, along the road to Diessen?

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