66 Hours in Berlin

Impressions of an all-too-short visit to Germany’s capital of everything. We begin with a pleasant surprise: Berlin may not offer city-wide wi-fi, but it’s public transport stations all have it, free. This means that while you may not be able to be online for your entire ride, you can get a signal every time you pull into one of the larger stations. The S-Bahn app didn’t even need wi-fi, just GPS services, to keep me informed as to which stations were coming up and where I was in relation to them. This was actually pretty handy, especially one’s first time on certain routes.

Trabis on display. I still find them charming. At least to look at. Maybe not to actually drive.


The leafy mid-day view from the großer Bunkerberg, aka “Mont Klamott”, immortalised by the East German rock band Silly. As indicated by the carving in the wall, Alexanderplatz lies straight ahead, as does the television tower (which you can just barely make out in the left side of the photo).


Berlin has a Ramone’s Museum. Actually it’s a private collection which, thanks to the collector’s wife, had to leave the house. It’s part of a small pub where you can get a discount off the (already low) admission if you buy a drink, and free admission if you buy a T-shirt.


The new Jewish Memorial, just a short walk away from the Brandenburg Gate. It was hard to find the right frame of mind to appreciate this, due to kids using the terrain for skateboarding and playing tag. I also didn’t want to get plowed into by one of them. Nevertheless impressive.


The Gedächtniskirche by evening light.


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  1. ellroon says:

    My first reaction to your last photo is that the church is screaming at a fire. Is that just the way that tower is lit? Love your blog!

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