First Class Gets The Red Carpet

I’m not actually a “train buff”, the kind that knows the arrival times of trains I’m not taking somewhere. I do ride them a lot, however, which means I am often in trains, stations, on platforms. Sometimes one sees interesting things.

For example, last month I was standing on a platform in Landshut, waiting for my train home, when a big steam locomotive with historic cars rolled in, courtesy of the Bavarian Railroad Museum. This is the sort of thing one is accustomed to seeing in Strasburg, PA, but at somewhat busy station of a small German city? I was impressed.

Then last weekend I again saw something I’d never seen before — in fact I hadn’t even known of it’s existence: the Majestic Emperator, the old imperial train of Austria-Hungary. It now takes tourists, much like the “Orient Express”; you can even rent it for special trips (just imagine).


Note the little red carpet

Note: if you want to impress as well as be impressed, should you ever book a ride on this thing, try to dress a little nattier, eh? The dozen tourists I saw board (taking each other’s photographs for their vacation pics), were just clad in your garden variety windbreakers-and-sneakers. All that wasted luxury!

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4 Responses to First Class Gets The Red Carpet

  1. I agree. Of course i would wear some nice historian fashion

  2. Marcellina says:

    I have come to realise that many older tourists, often with difficulty walking longer stretches, like these river cruises. However they are in for a surprise when they see how difficult Passau is for walking! All those hills, steps and cobblestones, and sidewalks which simply end…

  3. paschberg says:

    To keep it total stylish, they would have to wear casual tweed, during the railway ride maybe reading some of John Keats poetry or a novel from Graf Keyserling. In cause of discomfort (kinetousis) always a small bottle of laudnamum at hand.
    On the visit in Passau of course indisposed persons carried around in sedan chairs.

  4. Marcellina says:

    I’d like one of those sedans myself, at times!

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