Some Days Nothing Goes As Planned

Mystical, or at least misty.

I had planned to tell you about biking to a bit of forest in Passauer Land where there are supposed to be Stone-Age cave drawings on giant boulders, but the excursion was plagued from the start. First, I kept getting lost on the way there. Then the last bit of road was a kilometer of 20% uphill. My phone’s camera steamed up, making pictures too foggy to be of much use. I found the stones but couldn’t make out a single image or form on them. Then my route back to town proved to be the worst I could have chosen, a two-lane with lots of traffic and lots of hills. It was one of those roads where, every time a car approached, it had to pass another car going in the opposite direction right where I was. Worried now about being late for work that evening, I rode into the next small town and hopped on the train one minute before it departed, and forgot to buy a ticket. (There, at least, I was lucky, and  wasn’t thrown off.)

But there is this, from a ride along the Danube last week:

IMG_2585The Danube ferry, about 10 kilometers upriver from Passau. If the ferry’s at the other bank, you press the button to ring the bell to summon it.

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4 Responses to Some Days Nothing Goes As Planned

  1. paschberg says:

    This was clearly a:

  2. paschberg says:

    …wich could by read literally “wird ordentlich fad” = will be really boring walk ,but if read as it sounds in dialect “wird ned fad” = the walk won´t be boring. Imeant of course the latter one.

  3. kcosumano says:


  4. kcosumano says:

    If it had one t (Wird net fad) I would immediately recognize it as the latter. That extra t makes one wonder, however!

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