Kaltenbrunn Bahnhof

IMG_2305Kaltenbrunn Station, a charming little ruin on the rail line between Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Trains haven’t stopped there since 1984.  When we pass it I am often reminded of the one in the movie The Station Agent.

753827720_CTSeo-LIn the movie, loner and train-enthusiast Fin McBride (Peter Dinklage) inherits this property from his boss and only friend, and thus his life begins anew.

(2nd image from here.)

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5 Responses to Kaltenbrunn Bahnhof

  1. I never noticed this station before. Reminds me of another movie: De Wisselwachter, by Jos Stelling.

  2. Marcellina says:

    I don’t know this movie, but I will look into it!

  3. paschberg says:

    I have a faint remebrance of a trainstop in the middle of nowhere. But in fact it is now quite a large settlement there. Would be appropriate to reopen?
    “The stationmaster” was a nice film. De Wisselwachter sounds also interesting, especially in dutch (the only dutch film I saw till now was “Antonias Welt” – I didn´t expect, dutch (orignal, with subtexts) would be nice to hear – but it did.

  4. Marcellina says:

    I would think it’s too close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but then Farchant seems a similar distance on the other side of GAP.

    De Wisselwachter is available in its entirety on YouTube, apparently dubbed (what there is to dub) in Russian!

  5. paschberg says:

    Well, comparing Farchant to Kaltenbrunn is also a difference in size.

    Visitied youtube yesterday; I understand……very strange. A dutch film in Scotland. The dialogs (!) almost like in “Temroc” made it easy to follow (or not – as the plot was not very consistent for me). But very nice railway scenes 🙂 kept me to watch vor a longer time.

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