Cybertouring Austria 1

A few months ago, a Vienna site called The Local put out a list of their Top 5 Expat* Blogs in Austria, and The Practice Room was included. One of the other bloggers, writer K.C. Blau of “Vienna Muses”, decided recently that we and our readers should get to know each other, and asked us if we would each like to be featured at her place this month, by way of a questionnaire about a few of our favorite (Austrian) things (apologies for the song reference.) I happened to answer first and so here I am in the first slot. I’ll post links to the others as they come in, and we can all go on a virtual tour of the country with designated virtual guides.

* It goes without saying that these are English-language sites. I do wonder if there’s a similar scene out there for, say, Spanish or Japanese speaking expats.

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