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igler-baerYes Ms. Ellroon, there are bears — safely kept across the valley in the Alpenzoo. But if one should escape and head for the Paschberg, it might not know what to make of the #6 tram…
Ja Frau Ellroon, es gibt Bären – sicher an der anderen Talseite im Alpenzoo gehalten. Aber wenn einer entkommt und sich auf den weg zum Paschberg macht, wird er vielleicht nicht wissen, was er mit der Straßenbahnlinie Nr. 6 anfangen soll.

I may as well come out and admit that I have loved that tram from the first time I rode it. Having mostly lived in tramless cities, I was completely enamoured of it and its city cousins the #1 and #3. In fact I was sad to see the old cars replaced with these newer red silent things, although I’ve grown accustomed to them as well.
Wo wir davon sprechen – ich gebe zu, ich liebe diese Straßenbahn. seit ich das erste Mal damit gefahren bin. Nachdem ich meist in straßenbahnlosen Städten gelebt habe, war ich von ihr entzückt – ebenso, wie von ihren städtischen Vettern Nr. 1 und 3. Tatsächlich war ich traurig, als die alten Triebwagen durch die leisen roten ersetzt wurden, obwohl ich mich an diese nun auch gewöhnt habe.

Long live the trams, and I fully support the extension of the line as far east and west of Innsbruck as they can possibly go. (However, no one’s asking me, I don’t live out there and I can’t vote. But still: if anyone is counting a show of hands, I’ll raise mine.)
Lang lebe die Straßenbahn. Ich unterstütze die Verlängerung der Linie soweit östlich und westlich von Innsbruck, wie nur irgendwie möglich. (Allerdings wird mich niemand fragen, Ich lebe nicht dort draußen und ich darf hier nicht wählen. Trotzdem: Wenn jemand die Befürworter zählt, werde ich meine Hand heben.

Image from here.

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5 Responses to Just Because

  1. M says:

    Would love to see more photos of the Alpenzoo. One of my favorite places to visit.

  2. Marcellina says:

    I’ll have to go back there again sometime this spring! The weather has certainly been good for it, although the animals might still be hibernating right now…

  3. ellroon says:

    Read a scary story about a bear killing a woman in Romania so I was wondering… We have brown bears here in the San Gabriel Mountains and mountain lions… and lots and lots of rattlesnakes. So I tend to be a little cautious of mountain trails.
    I’m also a coward and would be afraid of cows…

  4. paschberg says:

    @ellroon, on paschberg I would be more afraid of dogs (but usually they are kept on a short leash). Nevertheless Murphys law will also applicable here so… never say never…
    2,5 hours to the south, in Val di Non at the foot of Brenta mountains you could meet bears by chance. The tyrolean problem-bear Bruno (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_JJ1) made it up to the Karwendel and a second one (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/M13_%28B%C3%A4r%29) came up to Spiss (western Tyrol) – both came originally from the Brenta area.
    Val di Non ist also the home of San Romedio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romedius , the Saint riding on a bear. San Romedio is also worshipped in a church in Thaur near Innsbruck.

    …and maybe the bears in Val di Non are familiar with railways – as there is one throughout this valley, same gauge as Tram Nr. 6. but triple speed, btw. @marcellina “Long live the tram” 🙂

  5. Marcellina says:

    Ah, yes, poor Bruno, now stuffed and on dispay in a Munich museum…

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