La Wally

Capriccio Music is releasing a DVD of Tiroler Landestheater’s recent production of Catalani’s “La Wally”. Ahead of the release they have put up this “The Making Of” short film on YouTube. Subtitles are in English or German, depending on who is speaking.

I should probably wait until I see and hear the entire DVD before plugging this. Not that the entire production wasn’t great — it was splendid, but yours truly had just been sick the week before, and so was a little concerned about blowing it, vocally, during this live recording. To by honest, I have no idea how I did and it might not have been up to par.
You won’t hear me in this “Making Of” segment, but I do appear now and then, in fleeting moments, on the stage.

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  1. Beth Smith says:

    Looking forward to the dvd!

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