Life in the country

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been in Bavaria and the internet went down on us last week. Terrible withdrawal symptoms for days!

Update: Today I passed another Assimilation Rite of Passage by yelling, actually yelling at the Telekom customer service man over the phone. A  (competent and helpful) technician had been out to see us on Friday, poked aroundm explained what the problem was (basically, living out in the boondocks) and said he’s do his best to have someone out on Monday. Within an hour after he left, the Telekom CS guy called to ask us what the problem ended up being.  Then today as we taking packages to the post office the CS guy calls again to say, it seems the problem is a mix-up with the house address. Yeah, I said, we initially said Nr.1 but then corrected that, it’s Nr. 3.  He kept coming around to the address being wrong and I kept telling him, “We called and fixed that back in December.” Then he said that the problem was that Nr. 3 can’t get internet, the line was being laid for Nr. 1. “Really? Do you know that we HAD internet and phone for the last three weeks? That a technician was here on December 19 and had everything up and running?” He didn’t know. He kept coming back to the address. “WE HAVE TOLD YOU LIKE FIVE TIMES THAT THIS WAS CORRECTED.” “Yes, yes, you told me that, I understand that now!”. Well, good.  And even better, later this afternoon everything was up and running again, almost like magic.

Update 2: Landsberg am Lech is really a pretty town! I look forward to spending time there and getting to know it.

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  1. ellroon says:

    Don’t think you’ve missed much. Scandal in New Jersey, some awards, Obama is criticized in a book, Australia is getting baked, the US had a kind of a cold spell…

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