(UPDATE 21 December: The contest closed yesterday evening and, due to the process of e-mail verification and comment moderation, the final numbers will be tallied up on the weekend. Little Austria never had a chance against big popular expat countries like Spain, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (the assumed winner, a British professional writer in Mallorca, looks to have over 200 comments) but held up pretty well nevertheless. And unless a late landslide of comments came in for the competition, The Practice Room finished in the lead there. ­čÖé Winners will be announced sometime on Monday the 23rd.)


The sign says it all. No more changing trains in Mittenwald. And the cars look brand new — not that the old ones were bad looking. Thank you, OEBB, for this Christmas present!

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  1. paschberg says:

    I had a glance on the train “Bad Bayersoien” some hours ago looking from the bus to the main station and wondered if this is one of the new trains

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