Missent to Australia

UPDATE ON THE EXPATS BLOG COMPETITION: The organizers posted last night that they hope to have the entries up by later this evening. Evidently there were some problems importing html that had to be seen to. I will put the link up as soon as I see it.


A recent book purchase from the UK took a long, around-the-world detour. It’s been a while since this has happened to me or anyone I know, although it’s legendary in expat circles in Austria. This similarity of names is the reason for the “No Kangaroos” souvenirs in the Altstadt.

But this just gives me an excuse to tell one of my favorite “Austria in the eyes of the world” stories. A man was being interviewed on the radio a few years ago, he was spokesman for a Mexican-Austrian organization in Vienna, I believe. He spoke of intercultural relations, what it’s like to move here from Mexico, those sorts of things. The interviewer asked him what came to mind to people back in Mexico when they thought of Austria — Mozart, Vienna waltzes, Lipizzaners, Sacher torte perhaps? The man laughed softly and replied, “Actually, what they think of first, is Heidi.”

Which is certainly a step closer than kangaroos.

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