I Have Entered A Blog Competition

Expats Blogs, the online aggregate website which last year gave me that pretty silver ribbon over there on the sidebar, is holding a writing competition this year. The topic had to be a Top List, as in, for example, Top 10 Places to Eat in, I don’t know, Bogota. As I am not one to dwell on the Expat Experience (I tried it,  but much of it felt too much like whining resistance to assimilating) I did what writers are often advised to do; I wrote what I know.  I put together an entry listing 5 of the best car-free day excursions to unusual/little known historical sites from Innsbruck. They are not for expats only, but I gave the kind of information that a newer resident might not know, as some of these sites are nowhere to be found in the usual guidebooks. If you are a faithful reader you have already read about these and many other hikes around this area of Tyrol. Now they have been boiled down and presented side by side, for comparison.

The top prizes are, I am sure, out of my league, simply because they will be awarded by sheer number of positive comments by country. Bloggers in other larger, more exotic countries are going to have a shot at those.

Now, the jury will also pick their favorites from content, and there are also a few little cash prizes for the blogs with the most, well, commenter participation. And that’s where you come in, Dear Reader. If you would like to help me get some recognition for my compulsive hobby hard work, then here’s what you can do: starting tomorrow on December 16th, Expat Blogs will be posting entries (I will post the link) and they will be up for about a week  through December 20th. In that time, please click on the link, read my entry, and leave a nice, thoughtful comment saying why you enjoy reading my blog (there is also an award for the jury’s favorite reader comment.)

Now, a few things to keep in mind.
1) Comments will be moderated, negative/frivolous ones will not be included.
2) Comments have to be at a 10 word minimum! I know, you’re already changing your mind about this. Come back!!
3) You have to verify your comment with an e-mail address. This is so that the same person can’t leave 280 sock-puppet comments under his own entry. I realize they are giving you a lot of hoops to jump through, but that’s to keep things fair.

Don’t leave any contest comments here at The Practice Room, I mean of course you can, but they won’t count!

Do I have a hell’s chance in winning anything but a freebie ribbon from this outfit? Probably not. Maybe not even the ribbon.  But it’s worth a try, right? Can you help me out? Please click on the link (to be posted tomorrow sorry, the 16th) follow the instructions, leave a comment. Then “like” my entry on facebook, or retweet it on Twitter. It’s all being counted. And tell your friends!

I will be eternally grateful.



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4 Responses to I Have Entered A Blog Competition

  1. Sally says:

    Hahaha I’m doing the same. I’ll comment yours if you comment mine (why does that sound dirty in my head?)

  2. paschberg says:

    Good idea, and good luck. I will think on a tyrolean english 10+ word comment till the end of this week!

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