Station for Sale / Bahnhof zu verkaufen

IMG_0894This is the Oberau train station on the line between Munich and Mittenwald. The signs on the doors say that it is for sale.  (The commercial space facing the tracks has been empty for years  it’s been pointed out to me that this “space” was actually a passenger waiting room with great windows)

Interestingly, the German Railway has a whole real estate site(g) with properties for sale. And rentals.

Austrian Rail has one too(g).

Das ist der Bahnhof Oberau zwischen München und Mittenwald. Laut Aufschrift am Eingang steht er zum Verkauf.
Interessanterweise hat die Deutsche Bahn einen eigene Immobilien Homepage, auf der sie Anlagen verkauft. Ebenso, wie die Österreichische Bundesbahn.

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4 Responses to Station for Sale / Bahnhof zu verkaufen

  1. And why noone buys? I tought a place with to much movement like a train station would be good for some kinds of commerce.

  2. Marcellina says:

    I believe it was just put on the market (the storefront might not have been even to rent, I never saw any signs on it before.) One problem is that Oberau is really in the middle of nowhere (but don’t say that to the Oberauers!) Too far away from any city or suburbs, and too far away from even Garmisch-Partenkirchen (where there is a tourist industry).

  3. paschberg says:

    A nice solution would be the south Tyrol practice, selling Stations to the communities, so that they still partly can be used as station (waitign room etc.) partlyfor e.g. cafes.
    Just selling to get rid from them with maximum revenue produces problems especially for the rail operator on long run. E.g. ÖBB sold a lot near Hall freight station in order to build bureaus. The contract was not fitted on this exact use. The builders couldn´t sell bureaus – now there are flats inside – with direct view to the marshalling yard (probably nice for inhabitants like me. But not for the “normal” user). So the ÖBB sells to future NIMBYs (Not in my backyard, producing future citizens groups against rail transport and so thwarting the improving of green forms of traffic.

  4. Marcellina says:

    Paschberg, do you remember when I posted that the Utting am Ammersee train station was for sale? I believe the community bought it, and part of it is still rented as a cafe bar. So that is still happening, at least in some places.

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