Just in time for Halloween!

I have found the Holy Grail of YouTube videos: the Six Studies for String Quartet by Theodor Adorno (he studied composition with Alban Berg! Schönberg didn’t like him, though), each movement being given its own creepy little German Expressionist film.

Movement 1, Frankenstein’s monster braves avalanches.

Movement 2 has scary people hunting you down in the forest, scary chick.

Movement 3 has a maritime theme. Maybe it’s the Flying Dutchman’s ghost ship.

Movement 4 is the Waltz of the Spores, I guess.

Movement 5 is the creepiest. A dreaming child, a drowning woman, a frantically beating heart.

Movement 6 features a cameo by Schlitzie the pinhead from the movie Freaks (which remains one of my favorite movies.)

Really, someone should have won an award for this: Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire meets the Teletubbies.

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