So I’m appearing in this short piece at the theater featuring music of the Beatles, and in the spirit of the performance I went looking around for images of the band in Austria. I have no idea if they ever played on tour here (if so it would have been in Vienna) but of course the Beatles did spend a few days in Obertauern (Salzburg Province) in 1965, filming the snow scenes for the movie “Help”. Apparently not everyone was excited to see them. (Notice that the sign-holders all appear to be young men. Probably all miffed over their girlfriends’ Beatles obsessions.)

Image found at a strange blog revealing “proof” that the Fab Four were evil, drug-promoting, sun-worshipping Pagans, Leninists, Illuminati, pedophiles, death-worshipping Satanists, sex-worshipping occultists (I mean, which is it? They can’t be all those things.) The author has found this “proof” by staring a little too long at his album covers in a fevered state. “Paul Is Dead” is only the beginning: everything is numerological imagery pointing to the Dark Side, every portrait is the Eye of Horus. If you want to waste 20 minutes of your life (I gave up long before half-way in), here’s the link. I almost pity this guy — so much wasted energy.

If anyone can tell me what is written on the banner on the right, I’ll give them tickets to the show.
Update:  local Twitter user Martin Pircher came through with the answer, it’s Hoch der Eunuchenchor, more or less “Up with the Chorus of Eunuchs”. Originally appeared in the Salzburger Nachrichten, 15 March, 1965. 

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