Papers, please.

As my Aufenthaltsbewilligung expires in a few weeks, today was get-your-Austrian-residence-permit-renewed-day. This morning I headed off to the Visa Amt with my papers — application, contract from the theater, work permit (Beschäftigungsbewilligung), passport — and promptly hit a snag. My passport expires in January. The residence permit can only by issued within the duration of my passport, which means that if I did nothing, I’d have to reapply in 3 months. So, this afternoon it was get-your-U.S.-passport-renewed-by-mail-day, which involves padded envelopes, application, photo with stringent size requirement which must be stapled to the application just so, insured mail and SASE with the registered mail slip NOT attached.  And fees all around, natürlich. Incidentally the government shut-down the the U.S. has not affected the embassies, outside of their announcement that they will not be updating their website during this time. Consular services are open.

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2 Responses to Papers, please.

  1. ellroon says:

    When my son was in Vienna I had the same scramble here when we found out his ‘papers’ weren’t in order. I drove a hundred plus miles in one frantic day from San Bernardino to Los Angeles and and several cities in between, gathering official stamped and signed copies from a variety of offices.
    Bureaucracy is a lot of fun…Hope your papers behave themselves and you are settled back safely in comfortable residency.

  2. Marcellina says:

    It’s not so bad. I recently found out, however, that I could apply for a longer visa… if I made something like 300 euros more per month. Ah well.
    But am aware that I am coming at this from a position of privilege; I am a white American with a master’s degree* who can speak the language. And an artist, which carries a surprising amount of weight here even in government offices.

    * Titles still mean something here. In medical waiting rooms I am called on as “Frau Magister C…”, which makes the other patients eyeball me somewhat…

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