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The Beau recently attended a Bookseller’s trade show and conference in Ulm, and I was able to tag along. Before we left, neither of us knew much about the city except where it lies (on the other side of Augsburg, before Stuttgart) and that it has a very large and impressive cathedral. With hardly any expectations, I set off on my own haphazard walking tour so see what I might come across.
On the surface, Ulm looks just like one of those standard-issue German Cities, which resemble each other so much that they begin to lose their unique qualities.* But once you start to wander off the main roads there are lovely parts to it, such as the Fishermen’s Quarter with its old timbered houses, cobblestones alleys and waterways.


The Schiefes Haus (Crooked House), built in the 1400s, leans about 10° but is still in use today as a hotel.


Two women in front of the Münster (cathedral). The stone one looks annoyed with the one talking on her mobile phone.


An unusual addition to an old medieval city; the municipal public library is housed in a glass pyramid. Free wi-fi access, but closed on Mondays.


On the Donau (Danube River), a solar-powered tourist boat, sponsored by Ulm’s Solar Energy Foundation. There is also a ferry service over the river.


What lies across the river is Neu-Ulm. Ulm belongs to the state of Baden-Württemberg, Neu-Ulm belongs to Bavaria. (Think of the two Kansas Cities, straddling the state line.) Above, near the riverside park, an outdoor “lounge”.

*We recently heard a comedian on TV tell a joke what went more or less so (here a rough, short version): My girlfriend called me and told me to meet her at the new Italian restaurant in Düsseldorf; she said, you go down the pedestrian zone, pass Tchibo, turn left at Schlecker, and it’s right there next to the H&M. So I followed her directions, got there and waited half and hour for her before I realized, I was in Augsburg.

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  1. ellroon says:

    Beautiful shot of the houses by the canal… but if I lived there, knowing global warming is going to make wet places wetter, etc, I’d be worried about getting flooded all the time….
    But it stil is pretty!

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