Springtime Links

Because, as fabulous as Austrian “socialized medicine” is, I’m not going to bore you with routine doctor visits, which is what I did all morning. On my day off, with beautiful weather. I know, “first-world problems”.

Coming To America: There are regular deaths of people trying to do “the walk”, what the local police call the long foot march from the Mexican border into the interior of the United States. The local cemetery is filling with the remains of undocumented, unidentifiable immigrants.

LeavingAnywhere But America: Some guide books used to suggest (really) that Americans going abroad sew little Canadian-flag patches onto their backpacks, to escape any “ugly American” assumptions. The thing is, you can’t go around giving people the idea that there are now “ugly Canadians” too, from your distinctly American behavior! The blogger here doesn’t give any specific crimes other than their way of speaking and dressing, but she didn’t have to. I knew exactly what she meant.

Living In America: If you have someone in your life who is braying about “killing all the Muslims” after this latest (as yet unidentified and unclaimed) act of violence in Boston, and you need some back-up sources to argue with them, then Juan Cole’s your man.

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