On The Border


Approaching the Alps from the north, somewhere near Murnau. The Föhn cleans the air and allows for long, clear views.


A hidden courtyard in Mittenwald, with evening sun on the mountains. I had an hour to kill between trains, and despite our proximity to the border I had no Austrian internet access, but the weather was pleasant enough for a walk around town. I chatted up a Turkish Kebap seller while I waited for my Döner Kebap. I remarked that it looked like the summer tourist season hadn’t begun, and he told me, “Deutschland ist kaputt!” He’d moved to Mittenwald 6 months from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and said that there are no jobs these days. We both agreed that things are somewhat better in Austria, for which I can be grateful.


Mittenwald again: in a tiny war chapel behind the church, customary death notices of fallen soldiers from the Second World War. Some of them look quite young.

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