Femme Fatale


In 2011, a tenant in a Vienna, Austria apartment building was preparing for some remodeling work, and broke into a cellar partition which seemed to have belonged to nobody in the building. He found containers — iceboxes, flower pots, mortar containers — filled with concrete, which alarmed him enough to call the police. Sure enough, they were found to contain the severed body parts of two men who had one very important common link — they were the ex-husband and lover of the woman who owned an ice cream shop in town. The chain saws used to cut the bodies were also in concrete.

When the news broke that the body parts had been identified, the woman (a fetching Spanish seductress named Estibaliz C., the media has mostly pixeled out her face in photographs, but see also the photos here) tried to flee. She withdrew 10,000 Euros and booked a flight to Paris, but then got a Taxi driver to take her to Udine, Italy, some 300 miles away. There she persuaded a street artist to put her up, but when he noticed her interest in the internet reports of the case, he too called the police.

Estibaliz C. was found to have murdered both men in cold blood, her ex-husband allegedly because he refused to move out, and her later lover because of alleged cheating. Both men were shot from behind, the second apparently in his sleep. At the time of her arrest, she was 2 months pregnant by her next lover, who after learning all this still married her in 2012.

A psychiatric evaluation found Estibaliz C. suffering from a severe personality disorder, but able to know right from wrong and thus able to stand trial. She was recently sentenced to life in prison.

Image found here.

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