Weekend Mountain Blogging


It feels like spring. The air is mild, the sun in shining, the birds are getting livelier (the ones that stay over the winter, the sparrows and blackbirds). The sun clears the southern mountains earlier in the morning (right now around 7:30. In December it’s after 9:00) and there is early evening light. The warm weather has melted much of the snow up to about 1,000 meters above sea level.


But it’s clearly not spring yet. The flora has not yet responded. The only visible sign of it on the ground are these tiny buds on this ground cover.


The rails of the Igler Bahn, the city streetcar which winds through the woods and hills to the plateau south of town, just before the Tantegert stop with its fairy tale cottage.


The rock upon which I was sitting is a Schalenstein, here one (or three) of the cup markings in the stone.

The photographs for these most recent posts have all been taken with an iPhone 5. I am pretty happy with the results. There seems to be few options for settings beforehand, it’s clearly made for point-and-shoot, and any changes are to made in the editing afterward. To think that less than 10 years ago we were taking film rolls in to be processed (and didn’t even know what blogs were), the progress since then as been fairly swift.

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  1. ellroon says:

    I can breathe the wonderfully cold mountain air from the comfort of my armchair and cup of hot tea…

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