Out. And Up.


There’s been sun for the last week here in Tirol, but the Beau has been suffering through Germany’s Darkest Winter In 43 Years, and so today we splurged a little to get an extra dose of sunshine and had lunch at the Seegrube Alpenlounge, 1300 meters (well over 4,000 ft) above town.


The ground floor is a self-service restaurant and tables outside where you can bask in the sunshine for as long as you wish. The upper floor has table service and is a little bit more spiessig (square), but we had the terrace all to ourselves. Entertainment was provided by practicing snowboarders, and a trio of Alpendohlen (alpine choughs) who ran back and forth along the wooden railings.


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2 Responses to Out. And Up.

  1. ellroon says:

    Sunshine? In the FREEZING COLD? Germans and Austrians are a hearty lot. I should not begrudge you any sunlight… but we have too much, we actually got close to 85 F yesterday. I would send some over to you if I could, if you could send some rain. I had to put on the air conditioning in the car and we opened doors and windows in the house… I will say we’ve had frost for more days than usual and even some hail, but we’ve swung from frost to heat to rain to frost to heat several times. And Southern California still needs more rain. Pack some snow in a box and send it express…. :D!

  2. Marcellina says:

    The sun here is actually very warming if you sit near a wall and keep out of the wind, people take off their coats and soak it all up. It feels like spring down here in the valley, although the soil in my garden containers hasn’t completely thawed yet.

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