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I’ve been on the road (or, more accurately, on the rails, but not in the way that implies…)

A friend and I saw “Django Unchained” at our little neighborhood cinema the other night. It was, as expected, quite entertaining. Oddly, however, by the time the plot brought us to dinner at Candyland, I was having a strange, unexpected case of Downton Abbey dejà vu. It occurred to me that Stephen, the Uncle Tom toady (played wonderfully by Samuel L. Jackson) was reminding me — oh so slightly — of Mr. Carson, who I’d found to be getting even more judgmental and patronizing in his defense of the status quo in Season 3. Ah well, maybe I just don’t see enough films with servants working dinners. If you saw the movie and found yourself thinking “I know that must be a reference to something” but are not up on all things Tarantino, you may find this site helpful.

About the Academy Awards: what Jimmy Carter says about the film “Argo”: basically, that it’s more or less accurate but gives him and the C.I.A. too much credit — and not enough to the Canadian Government.

Speaking of the Oscars: little, culture-rich Austria did well, with prizes going to Christoph Waltz (Best Supporting Actor) and Michael Haneke (Best Foreign Film, and nominated for Best Film as well), both native sons.

About the future of mankind: Dmitry Orlov suggests that our only hope may be a large enough natural disaster — an asteroid, say — to force our polluting ways to an end.

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