Weekend Mountain Blogging


The Nordkette peeks out from behind the clouds, coyly showing off a new coat of snow.

There’s nothing like a walk in the woods, in the new-fallen snow, to clear one’s head. Lots of things to ponder, prepare for, let go of, look forward to. Every singer should get out “into the nature”, as my friend D. used to put it, to get your thoughts in order, let stage texts simmer down to the right deliveries, figure out what’s really bothering you about this or that person/situation, get that negative energy out of your system before the next show.Some colleagues use the fitness center for this purpose (I knew a soprano who claimed that cleaning her apartment was therapeutic in this way), some use the bar after work, but I need nature, birds, trees, solitude.


A quiet spot near the Tantegert Station. The rock has several cup markings.

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3 Responses to Weekend Mountain Blogging

  1. paschberg says:

    After such an – I suppose – extenisve/ exhaustive(?) stageplay like Little shop of horrors yesterday – I understand. Congratulations – we enjoyed your acting!

  2. Marcellina says:

    Thanks! ­čÖé
    But no rest for us performers, the very next night I was right back on the stage for Walzertraum. At least the costume changes are “gem├╝tlicher”.

  3. ellroon says:

    After skiing in Gastein and living in Vienna, my son was unfazed by the cold when he visited Minnesota this Christmas. Southern Californian that I am, I get cold just looking at your photos…. ..

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