Benefits in the EU Countries. You Should Be Getting Them Too.

Update: it has come to my attention that this Kos Diary has been deleted, I don’t know why. In any case I am leaving this post up for the quote below, which is all that’s let of it today. (And maybe it will reappear later.)

A Kossak (a registered user at Daily Kos) living in Europe did the homework that I have been waiting for. Here is a breakdown of work benefits — vacation days, sick leave, etc. — contrasting that in the United States with EU countries, with detailed explanations. For example, this surprising gem:

Yet another civilized fact of life in the European Union countries is the fact that people who are on long term sick leave while on sick leave according to the European Union high court must be given the right to accumulate paid vacation days while on mandatory sick leave, as a human rights imperative and issue in equity.

It’s true. If I should fall ill or be injured during my summer vacation — not getting a cold, but ill enough to require a doctor, cancel plans, go to the hospital — my workplace needs to make up that lost vacation time to me at some point. The reason being, I was unable to enjoy a full and restorative break from work.

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  1. ellroon says:

    Nice. Maybe we should have activated the Marshall Plan in the US to enjoy a true democracy….

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