Photos for a Foul Weather Day

It’s dark and dreary outside, so here are some “unsorted” photos from recent travels which hadn’t made it into a blogpost yet.

Allegedly the right arm bone of Saint Benedict, according to tradition brought by Charlemagne himself to an abbey which then named itself Benediktbeuern (g). This is the monastery where the texts to the Carmina Burana were found.

Schnaps museum, Mittenwald, Bavaria. (Unfortunately after closing time.)

Young local musicians hired as extras in a film, waiting for the cameras to roll. Bad Tolz, Bavaria.

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2 Responses to Photos for a Foul Weather Day

  1. ellroon says:

    That arm bone is a bit spooky…. And the text used by Orff for his Carmina Burana? I thought his work was based on love letters…. /sneaks off to google….

  2. Marcellina says:

    Well, nobody knows where or by whom exactly the Carmina Burana was written, although I think it has been determined that they were not written -there-. One must keep in mind that for a few centuries there, if you were the academically/intellectually inclined type, you pretty much went into the monastery. (Do you know Hildegard von Bingen? She’s worth googling.)
    The Catholic parts Europe are teeming with little bits of saints bones in churches. The Church of Santa Lucia in Venice has Lucia’s (well, somebody’s) entire mummified body in a glass display behind the altar! She has a mask over her face, but you can see her shriveled black fingers…

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