Cemetery Apps: It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Happy Halloween. A hillside “grotto” chapel adorned with small pumpkins.

The Vienna Central Cemetery is putting together a navigation service app, accessible via mobile phone or their website, to help you find any grave in the city. Details here (in German).

Anything like this going on in the States?

I don’t know if any cities are doing it (there may be different circumstances, for example who owns the cemeteries, but there are now apps for this kind of thing — RIPNav GPS Gravesite Locator and BillionGraves. The latter, like Wikipedia, relies on volunteer information from grave visitors.

Nice idea. The ORF link explains that people with actual business involving grave plots (professional gardners, genealogists, stonemasons hired to add a name to a headstone in use) can benefit from the app, as well as family members who haven’t visited Great Uncle Leroy’s grave since the funeral, and can’t remember exactly where he’s buried.

I include myself in that last category, as well as that of hobby genealogist. But while in family research I appreciated my ancestors’ having gravestones with vital statistics, I don’t plan on getting one for myself — no kids, and so chances are slim that anyone will come looking for my grave after I am long gone. (If I am at all compostable by then, I’d prefer a green burial.)

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