Autumn on the Ammersee

The last rays of autumn sun on the Ammersee. The fog on the eastern bank gave the viewer on the western bank the impression of being at the seashore.

Boat traffic has dwindled considerably, even on warm sunny weekends. It was also the last day of the season for the passenger ferries. Between the two furthest boats one can just make out Stegen, where they’re parked for winter.

Two heads in the water. It’s a new art installation, just off the pier.

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2 Responses to Autumn on the Ammersee

  1. ellroon says:

    Art installation, whew! I was going to freak out about the pollution/ algae in the water and how brave/ stupid those people were…

  2. Marcellina says:

    They do look like tar-covered heads, don’t they? The Ammersee has very clean water, actually! It’s a popular bathing spot, but too cold for swimming by now.

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