A Few Eurolinks

to take your minds off the election.

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the “godless, socialist, about-to-sink-into-anarchy-any-day-now” European Union. As the announcement was made, Greece declared all-out war on Germany over the prize money.

Andrew at German Joys has learned that Hitler’s signature moustache style is an American import.

If the entire world could vote on who gets the to be Leader of the Free World, Obama would win easily.

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3 Responses to A Few Eurolinks

  1. Carlisle says:

    How are Austrians reacting to winning their share of the Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. Marcellina says:

    Austria is that wise-ass kid that sits near the back of the classroom, who gets good grades and doesn’t get into trouble, wishes he were as popular as his older brother was back in the day, and envies the really popular rich kids who sit in the front and answer all the questions. Austria notes that it happened, can’t quite bring itself to be -happy- about it, and lets the others steer the conversation while it plays some iphone game app (with Lipizzaner horses) under its desk.

  3. Carlisle says:

    Funny! But I can just imagine how you would describe the US – don’t tell me!

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