A Brief Intermission

We are well into Altweibsommer, a both subtly and exquisitely beautiful time in these parts.

An autumn garden in Utting am Ammersee.

An Italian gelato parlor in Mittenwald. Still open, but most of the tourists are gone.

Two young women on their way to the Munich Oktoberfest, in appropriate attire. Lots of locals don dirndls and lederhosen and take the train up to die Wiesn on the weekend. Not their real Tracht; these are more like costumes. You wouldn’t want to get beer and mustard all over your nice expensive dirndl.

Apologies for such infrequent posting. I am not quite settled into the routine of things yet. Our season here started with a bang, in the most positive sense of the word. The first premiere (La Wally), met with thunderous applause (and great reviews, so I hear!), is just behind us and I am already well into stage rehearsals for the next musical production, Little Shop of Horrors. As much as I absolutely love the music to La Wally, I think this is more my thing. Both of these productions are a blast for completely different reasons. But I can’t enjoy it too much because the music for the next three shows is available and I gotta get workin’.

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