The Last Roses Of Summer

It’s still “officially” summer, but fall is in the air.

Most of the bathers are gone, the kids go back to school next week. Geese are flying off to their winter grounds already. The swans remain.

The rose garden on the Roseninsel (Rose Island), Starnberger See. The last roses of summer, perhaps. The small castle was the vacation summer house of King Maximilian II and his family. His wife, Marie of Prussia, was an enthusiastic mountain climber (she climbed the Watzmann!), and founded the Bavarian Red Cross. Their son, Ludwig II, allowed his cousin Sissi (Elisabeth, Empress of Austria) a key to the house, so she could come and go any time she wanted. After Ludwig’s mysterious death the island, with it’s buildings and parkland, was closed up and fell into a kind of mythical sleep, until it was bought by the state and opened to the public.

“Paradise snakes” (so they were called by the tour guide in the castle) adorn the park benches of a pavilion on the Roseninsel.

A few more words about the Rose Island — ceramic pieces and wood used for buildings, found under the water around the shore line, indicate human settlements here at least 6,000 years ago. There are no traces of those settlements to be seen, however, except by the underwater archaeology association which has done research dives here.

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  1. ellroon says:

    Love this post… fun to learn about the history. Thanks.

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